2021 Eco Challenge!

My intention for this year is a long-term commitment - serve the earth. And towards this goal, I want for Flowy to be a better leader and educator in environmental living and sustainability. I want to live in closer harmony with the rhythms of the seasons.

I have come up with four intentions, each will be in alignment with a particular season. Winter is focused on mending rather than discarding, Spring is tending the earth by planting more plants and eating more plants, Summer is conserving energy where I can, and autumn is reclaiming/upcycling and making the most of something. Also, each season will be accompanied by a release of seasonally dyed intention bloomers - but more on that in another post. It sounds like a lot, but I think that by focusing 2-3 months on each, I won’t get distracted or give up AND these subtle changes will have the focused time to integrate into my life and become more of a habit. These will be short sprees of resolutions rather than a year long marathon.

In line with the age of Aquarius, a time of community action, growth and evolution, I want to set a collective intention this year. I’m sure you all already have enough new years resolutions (and if you’re like me, you have too many). So I don’t want this to be a burden or stress to anyone. My hope is that is will be a fun way of engaging together in making small environmental changes in our everyday behavior. I want it to be an interactive way to think about these inner and outer connections with the planet. And best of all, this challenge will create a network of accountability partners on the journey!

If you want to follow along, I will be posting inspirations on instagram all the while and I hope to get one or two guests per section sharing the work they are doing for the planet. You can signup for my email to stay in the loop (signup at the bottom of this page) about what is coming next, add this google calendar to your calendar, or you can download this calendar (image above) and use this tracker and to work with these prompts on your own, perhaps referencing the materials I share on Instagram and Youtube at your leisure. The above calendar is just an overview. The google calendar will have specific dates and events as they get scheduled. You are invited to take the challenge with me and use your instagram stories or posts to share how you are integrating the challenges into your own life. If you tag @flowy.life and #flowyecochallenge I will be keeping track of these and the top three participants in each season will win discounts and giveaways!

If you are doing a cool thing to mend broken things, tend the earth or your body with plants, reclaim or upcycle in a cool ways; if you are an intersectional environmentalist, an explorer of the world, or a conservationist - holla at ya girl because I would love to line up a feature about you or an interview! 

If you're ready to level up your environmental stewardship, please join me in the 2021 Flowy Eco Challenge! And invite friends to do it with you! The more the merrier :)