Moon Movements & Meditations

Let us not forget that the sun, moon, stars and planets are all of our ancient relatives. I know this sounds uber woo woo, but seriously, we are made of star dust and our home is amidst these great celestial bodies. So I think recognizing our place between the moon and the sun throughout their and our phases of life is good and right. Not only does a ritual of honoring the sun and the moon connect us to our universal family, but it offers us a time to take stock of our lives and the paths we are forging within this world.

For that reason, I am initiating a Full Moon and New Moon class every month. I'm excited to bring many aspects of my Yoga practice together in these classes - alignment focused Asanas, Kundalini and pilates inspired movements, and Tantric meditations. I'm most excited to connect with you all and share in a communal ritual around the New and Full Moons.

Each class will be designed to bring balance to the current Sun and Moon signs. Full moon classes will always bring a bit more heat in keeping with the energy of the moon being fully illuminated by the sun, and every new moon class will be more on the yin, introspective side of the spectrum. This class is very much about learning to ebb and flow with the cycles of nature and our bodies. Even though classes may present some challenges, it is always my goal to offer options and modifications that make class accessible to all.

Upcoming Class Schedule:

Mark your calendars. The day of the week changes to best suit the moon, but the time stays the same.

  • New Moon: Wednesday, September 16, 7 pm EDT; New Moon in Virgo, Sun in Virgo

  • Full Moon: Thursday, October 1, 7 pm EDT; Full Moon in Aries, Sun in Libra

  • New Moon: Thursday, October 15, 7 pm EDT; New Moon in Libra, Sun in Libra

  • Full Moon: Saturday, October 31!!!, 7pm EDT; Full Moon in Taurus, Sun in Scorpio

Hope to see you there!!!

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